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Continuing Acra Electric's 65 year tradition of service to the Medical, Aviation, and Food industries.


Delta Manufacturing's ACRA PRODUCT WARRANTY

Your Acra Product from Delta Manufacturing is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase. This guarantee does not cover failure due to water soaking, spillage, abuse or misapplication.

In case of failure, contact Delta Manufacturing.  Determination of the suitability of the goods described on the face, hereof, for the use contemplated by Buyer or Buyer's Customers for such goods is the sole responsibility of Buyer or Buyer's Customers, whichever, the case may be. Delta Manufacturing shall have no responsibility in connection, therewith.

Buyer assumes all risk and liability for loss, damage or injury to property of Buyer or other, arising out of the use or possession of the goods furnished, hereunder.

Delta Manufacturing warrants only that the goods supplied, hereunder, shall meet the description or specifications stated, herein.  Buyer's exclusive remedy and Delta Manufacturing's sole liability, hereunder, shall be limited to refund of the purchase price of, or replacement of, all goods shown to be otherwise than as warranted.

Delta Manufacturing shall in no case be liable otherwise, or for incidental or consequential damages, provided that nothing contained, herein, shall limit Buyer's right to recover consequential damages for injury to his person when the goods purchased are consumer goods.


Refund or replacement is conditional upon Buyer giving Delta Manufacturing notice within ONE YEAR from the date of shipment by Delta Manufacturing that said goods are otherwise than as warranted.  Failure by Buyer to give said notice within said one year period shall constitute waiver by Buyer of all claims, hereunder, with respect to said goods.

If requested by Delta Manufacturing, Buyer shall promptly return to Delta Manufacturing's Plant all unconsumed goods alleged by Buyer to be otherwise than as warranted and Delta Manufacturing will pay freight thereon.

The warranty is in lieu of all other written or unwritten express or implied warranties and Delta Manufacturing hereby expressly disclaims any express or implied warranty against infringement of merchantability or fitness for purpose of the goods supplied, hereunder, all said goods being supplied "as is".

In the unlikely event that a problem should arise through the use of your Acra Heat Product, please contact the Customer Service Department at Delta Manufacturing by calling (918) 224-6755 or sent Fax to (918) 224-6866

A return authorization form is required prior to return of the unit to Delta Manufacturing.  All returned products are refused unless a return authorization form accompanies the shipment.

Please, refer to the WARNINGS and the Operating Instructions accompanying this warranty before operating your new Acra Electric Product from Delta Manufacturing.


Made in USA