Delta/Acra Your Source of Quality Equipment

Delta/Acra is the new generation of Delta Manufacturing, a strong force in the industrial electric heating business since 1984. Providing mica bands, strip, ring, ceramic, channel, cartridge, immersion, screw plug, and drum heaters are just a few examples of the custom products we provide.

Acra Products

Delta has expanded when acquiring the Acra Electric product line, and combining it with an already proven Delta line has enhanced Delta/Acra's expertise in providing top quality custom heaters. We are proudly continuing the 65 year tradition of Acra service.

Korppret Standard Schnauzers

Delta/Acra and the Houskeepers' are proud supporters of the Standard Schnauzer breed and we are pleased to introduce you to our PETS and then to our SHOW CHAMPIONS. To our foundation dogs - Charlie, Lexie and Pella and their offspring along with others that we have incorporated into our lines. We provide general information about the Standard Schnauzer at Korppret.com.

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